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Criminal Law Defense Lawyer 


Twenty years before becoming a lawyer, I started what quickly became and continued to be a highly successful and profitable business.  I designed, built, installed and maintained computer and network systems.   My clients included other small businesses, local governments, and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area.  But over time I realized I wanted a particular profession more deeply.  

Accepted at the University of California, Hastings College of Law in San Francisco, I enrolled to become a trial lawyer specializing in criminal defense.  Over the next three years I studied hard and and completed important legal work on both felony and misdemeanor cases at the Offices of the Public Defender in the counties of Marin, Monterey and San Francisco.

Immediately upon admission to the California Bar, I began work as a full-time volunteer defense attorney for the County of Marin.  Soon after, I accepted a full-time position as a defense attorney with the Fresno County Public Defender.  My wife and artist, Kat, and I, both Fresno natives, relocated from our home in Santa Cruz County to Fresno, happy to be able to replenish the "community well" that had nourished us in our youth.

I then entered private practice and established Fresno Defenders, PC, a professional criminal law defense corporation, as I had envisioned years earlier. 

I am addmitted to practice in all courts of the State of California and in the United States Federal District Court, Northern District of California. 

To read about what I have accomplished for others, and what I may be able to do for you, depending on the facts and circumstances of your case, go to:  Proven Results.

And at those times when I am not defending the accused in a criminal courtroom, or arguing for the release of a prisoner at a State parole hearing, I can often be found stoking my legacy Trek road bike on a favorite Central Valley blacktop.

Defending the accused