An Affordable Defense


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Criminal Law Defense Lawyer 

A legal analysis that explores all possible defenses and wins the best possible outcome for you does not have to be costly.  It does have to be affordable.  Now it is.

Your initial consultation of up to one hour is without charge.   

Thereafter, a reasonable flat fee will apply, with costs based on the complexity of the charges and on how you would like to handle your case.  If your case is resolved sooner than anticipated, any unused portion of the fee will be promptly refunded.

I promise to work with you to make your defense affordable, with flexible payment options and all the advantages of having a smart, dedicated and tough lawyer in private criminal law practice at your side.  

Call me at 559-960-3410 to discuss your case. 

Or make an appointment to see me in person at my office in the T.W. Patterson Building in Downtown Fresno at 2014 Tulare Street, Suite 611.  

Affordable Defense